How to use skype html generator

Skype images. Free Skype service makes your chat better than ever, with HTML Images Pictures, Photos and Smiles. Older Skype versions supports HTML tags so images can be displayed directly into skype chat.

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Skype is supporting HTML tags for its chat for a while now, you just had to know how to use it, well we have studied how does Skype to Skype chat works and what can we do with it, as we worked further out we created awesome idea, that users could generate images into HTML image format and just paste into Skype chat free of charge.

How to insert images into Skype chat?

To apply image into skype chat you need to copy generated code into Skype message field, hold CTRL + SHIFT and manualy click Ā«Send messageĀ» button, as displayed in this image:

html code inside skype

Since version 5.8 skype no longer supports HTML tags. But despite that, HTML code sent from older Skype versions (<5.8) are properly displayed in new version. So if you want to sent interesting images directly into chat, you need Skype version 5.7 or older. Also Windows operating system is required.

You can download Skype 5.7 here.

How to use Skype images ?

Pick an image you like on internet, copy its link address and just paste it into the big gray field on the main page and then just click generate. After that our generator creates a HTML code that works in Skype (Well at the moment only versions lower then 5.8 are supported and on Windows or Linux operating system platform only, it does not work on Mac) After that, you just copy/paste it into chat window then press and hold CTRL + SHIFT and click the Send button in Skype chat window and voila! If you follow everything correctly as written in our guide, your image should be displayed directly in Skype chat window via HTML code that our system generates.

Why to use our Skype images service ? Because we offer it for free, fast and are the only ones doing it, our services will remain free of charge forever.

How html based images looks like in skype?

Few images as example:

html images inside skype

How does it work?

Skype till version 5.8 supported some HTML tags inside skype messages. So with help of HTML and some unique characters it is possible to generate image equivalent.

List of possible HTML tags inside Skype chat:

  • color and size - <font color="#00000" size="20"></font>
  • underlined text - <u></u>
  • striped text - <s></s>
  • blinking text - <blink></blink>
  • break line - <br/>
  • direct line - <hr/>
  • link - <a href="url"></a>

If writen HTML code is incorrect Skype won't let you to send message.